Architectural Design and Sustainability

Macgen & Associates
Consulting, LLC

Expert architectural design and consulting is one of the key perks to working with RGM Real Estate Solutions!
We provide services through our architectural design company, Macgen & Associates Consulting, LLC.

Minority Owned & Operated
Rupert IP McCave, AIA, NCARB, LEED, AP BD+C, President
9201 Edgeworth Drive, P.O. Box #3862
Capitol Heights, MD 20791
Phone: 443-390-9490
Cell: 301-379-7416
Fax: 301-249-4165
Email: [email protected]

Core Services

Capital Strategic Planning K-12

-Develop Capital Program Plans for K-12
-Develop Estimated Budget and Cost Analysis for Capital Projects
-Assist School Districts with Funding Request from State and Local Agencies
-Align Funding with School District’s Strategic goals
-Review of Documentations for State and Local Submissions
-Input Data and Review State and Local Forms for Accuracy and Submission

Architecture and Design

-Design Coordination Reviews
-Residential and Commercial Design
-Multifamily Design and Consultation
-Permit and Construction Documents

Architecture and Design

-LEED Design Options
-Registering projects for LEED
-Administration of LEED projects

Building Facility Assessment Condition and Capital Improvement Planning


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TOP 20 Green Sustainable Features that can be incorporated into your renovation project!

Sustainability is also important to us. We try to consider green alternatives and environmentally conscious solutions in all of our renovation and architectural work, including solar roof panels, sustainable wood flooring, low VOC paints, low flow and energy saving plumbing equipment, energy savings, and energy star kitchen appliances and other environmentally friendly options. We are now exploring the opportunities with Deconstruction Techniques for all of our Rehabs to save the landfill from construction waste. More to come!

  1. Solar Sun Tubes for Natural Light
  2. LED 10 WATT lights
  3. Roof Solar Panels
  4. High Efficiency and Energy Star Appliances
  5. Low Flow Kitchen Faucets/Shower Heads etc
  6. Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) Paints
  7. Dual Flush Toilets
  8. Electric or Gas Tankless Water Heaters
  9. Green Roofs-Federal and State grants available
  10. Sun Shades over the windows for the afternoon western sun
  11. Double Insulated Windows with LOW-E (Low-emissivity glass that reflects the summer solar heat gain but keeps in the winter heat in the building)
  12. Use of Rain Water Barrels for collecting rain water for irrigation
  13. Permeable Concrete Pavers for driveways and sidewalks in lieu of concrete and asphalt
  14. Use of In-Floor Heating System (Radiant Floor Heating)
  15. Recycled Glass Counter-Tops for Kitchens
  16. Recyclable Wood Floors-Bamboo
  17. Eco-Friendly Insulation
  18. Recyclable Decking/Fence and Guard Rails (PVC)
  19. Recyclable Wood Laminate Vinyl Flooring
  20. Recycle All Construction Materials during DEMO, e.g. wood, nails, tiles, concrete, fixtures, etc